Sue Keeler MRSC, CChem, MRQA
Sue Keeler MRSC, CChem, MRQAFounder

Your samples are precious commodities and need to be entrusted to a provider with the knowledge and experience which give you peace of mind.  As Managing Director of Colibri Scientific, you will, therefore, want to ensure that I have the background which you require.

I have worked in the pharmaceutical and CRO industries for 30 years, spending much of that time with AstraZeneca.  After spending 15 years as a GLP laboratory-based scientist, I developed extensive clinical experience as site head of the biomarker analysis group, developing diagnostic strategies for launch and latterly was global head of the Clinical Sample Science department.  It was in this role that I developed a thorough understanding of the complexities of sample management and realised the gap in the provision of flexible services for early phase studies at a cost which makes offerings accessible to public as well as private sectors.

Having been executive sponsor for many laboratory alliances and partnerships, I have extensive experience in developing a true partnership, working with laboratory vendors to ensure that the relationship is beneficial to both parties.  I have a proven ability to deliver both operational and strategic projects to time and quality and hold a Prince II practitioner certificate.

More recently, I was contracted by Q2 Solutions to develop an offering for external laboratory management.  During this time, I gained insight into the commercial world as well as understanding the challenges which a provider faces more fully than, perhaps I did, as a client.  It is this dual relationship knowledge that I have used to underpin the strategy for Colibri Scientific.

As a member of the Research Quality Association, I personally ensure that quality is at the heart of all our processes and operations.

Having experienced those sinking feelings when you find that your samples do not have the necessary volume for analysis or, even worse, when your sample can’t be traced at all, I wanted to launch a company to make such events a thing of the past.  A company which would take complete accountability for each and every aspect of client’s samples during their life time.  A company which would not be governed by rigid processes but would adapt and flex to meet the individual needs of the client.

I look forward to discussing how Colibri Scientific can adapt and flex to meet the requirements of your trial.

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